Sample Availability

All samples listed are from UK patients with a confirmed clinical diagnosis of mesothelioma.

Tissue MicroArray

Samples from over 700 patients make up the TMA. Clinical data is available. Images of each core as well as the original sample are being added to a web based tool (please contact us to ask for access when it is complete).

The below table details the distribution of Mesothelioma subtypes for TMA blocks 1 - 17.


Cell lines

26 novel cell lines are ready to order. Characterisation data is available for each line and more is added as researchers publish their work.

Tumour samples (December 2017)

Biphasic: 142 samples from 30 patients

Desmoplastic: 18 samples from 4 patients

Epithelioid: 690 samples from 130 patients

Sarcomatoid: 71 samples from 16 patients

All samples are available with a rich data set to include age range, gender, drug and treatment history, TNM score as well as size of sample and tumour content. A list of all available tumour, blood and pleural fluid samples is here: please contact us for further details or to reserve your required samples..

Blood samples (Serum and Plasma)

Matched serum and plasma samples are available for all tumour samples. 0.5ml serum and 0.5ml plasma aliquots are processed for each patient. We have some samples in stock taken from pateints who took part in clinical trials and had blood samples taken at multiple stages throughout their treatment. Please contact us for further information.

DNA samples

DNA samples are becoming available as we process blood samples from all patients. Please contact us for further infrmation about sample availability or if you have a specific request.

Pleural Fluid samples

1ml samples are available in either plain or EDTA tubes. Pellets are also available for some patients. Please contact us for further information or if you have a specific request.


Bespoke Sample Collections

MesobanK would be delighted to discuss undertaking a bespoke sample collection for your research.

We have sites across the UK and can provide a variety of samples, fresh, preserved or processed to suit your research needs. If your research requires samples we do not currently hold in our collection, please contact us to discuss your work.

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