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Research organisations eligible to apply to MesobanK for a supply of human tissue

MesobanK  supports biomedical research being undertaken across a wide range of institutions within the UK, EEA, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and applications from researchers undertaking biomedical research directly concerned with asbestos related disease diagnosis and treatment.

Biomedical research encompasses a wide range of disciplines including diagnostic testing, development of novel therapies, pharmacokinetic studies, the development of biomarkers and genetic sequencing.

Listed below are research organisations eligible to apply to MesobanK for a supply of samples or data for research. The list is not exhaustive and we welcome enquires from organisations that do not necessarily fit into one of the stated types. An amendment may be necessary to the NHS REC to allow supply of tissues or research outside this list however.

Research Institutions in the UK not known to MesobanK staff or donating centre NHS staff will be visited where possible by the MesobanK Project Manager or appointed representative prior to a supply of human tissue commencing. Such a visit is primarily to reassure MesobanK and their donors that the institution receiving tissue has all necessary procedures in place in order to use the donated samples safely and responsibly. Methods for recording, storing, tracking and disposing of donated samples will also be discussed to enable future audit. These are discussed in more detail in the section entitled MesobanK application policy for human tissue supply for research.

MesobanK will also use this meeting to recommend methods of safe handling, storage and disposal of human tissue and ways to maximise the usefulness of each donated sample.

Research organisations eligible to receive samples or data donated to MesobanK:

The NHS or equivalent health service institutions in other countries (EEA, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

Academic Institutions: Universities and associated academic research institutions

Pharmaceutical Companies

Contract Research Organisations

Healthcare Institutions

Research Individuals eligible to apply to MesobanK for a supply of human tissue

MesobanK will strive to support biomedical research at every level: academia, the health service and industry. Individual or groups of researchers affiliated to any of the organisations listed in the section Organisations entitled to apply to MesobanK for a supply of human tissue may apply.

Types of research eligible for support by MesobanK

MesobanK currently supports biomedical research in the following areas:

Basic science including cell signalling, metabolism, absorption, distribution, toxicology and excretion studies.

Genetic research including genomic sequencing

Drug discovery and target identification for novel therapies and diagnostic testing

Evaluation of optimised conditions for use of human tissue in vitro including evaluation of optimal processing, storage and transport

Generation of new mesothelioma cell lines

Applying for samples

All applications for samples from MesobanK are reviewed by a panel called the Research Advisory Board. The members of this panel have been drawn from both the scientific and lay community and consists of nine people of diverse backgrounds who generously donate their time to review applications on behalf of MesobanK using Terms of Reference drawn up the Steering Committee.

Applications are reviewed by 3 members of the Board -  two scientists and one lay member are sent anonymised  documents we receive from the applicant and are given 30 days to send their comments back to MesobanKs Project Manager.

Applicants will only receive samples if a majority approval decision is given by the panel. All applications are pre-vetted by the Project Manager to ensure MesobanK is able to supply the types of samples requested and the application fits with in the Research Ethics Committee approvals MesobanK has been given.

Samples we can supply include blood, RNA, DNA, tumour and pleural fluid from multiple mesothelioma sub types. Apply here.

Sections from a large patient TMA. Apply using the Contact Us function.

Cell lines. Apply here.

Data. Apply using the Contact Us function.

If you are outside the countries listed, please contact us to discuss your work - we may still be able to assist you.

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