Requests for Tissue / Data

If you would like to apply for tissue and /or data please contact Mesobank

Mesobank charges a fee for samples and data based on a number of elements that make up the costs of running and administering the tissue bank. Mesobank is a not for profit, cost recovery organisation. Samples and data are supplied to Mesobank by the NHS. The costs of this are refunded by Mesobank who will recover these costs from researchers using the samples and data stored by Mesobank. The cost recovery fees are made up of the following elements:

  • Costs incurred at the donating hospital to gain patient consent for sample and data donation
  • Consumables supplied for sampling and transport
  • Cost of reagents used in processing tissue
  • Cost of transporting tissue to and storage at Advent Bioservices Ltd
  • Cost of packaging materials and courier fees for tissue distribution to approved researchers
  • An allocation of the costs of administering Mesobank