A tissue microarray (TMA) containing tumour cores from 800 patients is available.  This has been constructed by the Cancer Research UK Cambridge TMA facility using paraffin-embedded blocks from cases that have been diagnosed in hospitals across the UK.  A minimum of four cores is taken from each block to allow for tumour heterogeneity.  The TMA has been constructed in modular form to facilitate test and validation cohorts.  Cut slides are dipped in wax and stored at 4°C to preserve antigenicity.

A limited dataset comprising sex, age at diagnosis and sub-type is available for each core.

Please note that while we try to ensure that every TMA core contains malignant mesothelioma some cores may have limited or occasionally, no tumour cells, within.  This is because mesothelioma is a tumour with a highly variable and significant stroma to tumour ratio.  Furthermore, because some cores were taken from small biopsy samples it is possible that they may have cut out during sectioning of the TMA block.  We recommend that when interpreting stained/labelled sections, end users ensure that they can differentiate tumour cells from adjacent stroma.